Sunday, August 9, 2009

Warning...this is a gross one

We came home last night from a great family outing. We went into downtown Portland to OMSI. We saw an IMAX movie called "Bugs" which was on that gigantic screen and pretty cool. We went upstairs to the kids play area and played in the sand pit. We got all wet playing in the water exhibit. We looked at frogs, spiders, rats, stick bugs, and turtles. We stopped on the way home at Flying Pie Pizzeria and had dinner together. It was a great day.
Then we got home. To our disgust we discovered that Sam, who had been in his kennel for the few hours we were gone, had an "accident." There is no way to describe the smell in the house. Poor Sam, covered in poop, was laying in his kennel looking pathetic. There was poop all over the kennel. There was poop all over the carpet. It was disgusting.
Immediately we put Ryan in his room with a Curious George show to watch on the little dvd player, put Sam outside, took the kennel outside, and turned on the hose. While Jason hosed down the kennel and scrubbed it out, I went to work on the carpet with the steam cleaner. We opened all the windows and turned on the fans. Jason gave Sam a bath. By ten o'clock it was all cleaned up and the smell was fading. We emptied a bottle of Febreze in the house and left the windows open all night.
Thankfully, this morning, other than the kennel being in a different spot, you'd never know what we were doing late last night.

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