Monday, January 21, 2013

Apparently I forgot I had a blog...

The last time I posted, Ryan was getting ready to start Kindergarten. He's now half way through first grade. I was working at Providence. I haven't worked outside my home in seven months. I had one child. Now I have two. In my last post I was daydreaming about what I would do with a few uninterrupted hours in the morning. I was thinking about and planning for all the things I would do with my new found freedom. Well, it was fun while it lasted. And I didn't even really do much. I was still working at night and so I basically used all my new free time to sleep. Boring.
Then I got the surprise of a lifetime. Literally. In February I found out I was pregnant. PCOS, insulin resistance, inconsistent/ nonexistent cycles be damned. A little girl was going to wriggle her way into our hearts and family no matter what the obstacles. And so she did. I quit my job so I could spend my last "one-kid" summer with Ryan, spend the entire 41 weeks puking every morning, and basically freaked out for nearly a year. And then she was born. And it is totally different. And I freaked out for nothing.

 Turns out, a baby without colic is pretty cool. A baby without colic basically sleeps, eats, poops, and sleeps some more. A baby without colic is totally do-able. I'm not saying I'm not exhausted. I am. I'm not saying I'm not a tad overwhelmed. A wee bit more than a tad. I'm not saying my house isn't a disaster. It is.
But I can totally see now how it is that people choose to have more than one child. If Ryan didn't have colic and was like this one, I can see how I might have had a second child sooner. Ah, well. So now I have a six and a half year old and a two month old. Nothing like starting over.
It really is totally different this time around. And not just the colic thing either. I'm different. I'm older, wiser (ha-ha), more relaxed, and I've "been there, done that." I'm not as scared this time. I'm not as worried. Well, at least about baby stuff any way.

So now you know why I forgot I had a blog. The good news is I'm not working anymore and Ryan is in first grade now. Which means he's gone for six and a half hours every single day. So I can write in my blog in all my hours and hours of free time. Oh, wait. Now I forgot I had a baby. Free time. Hah! See.....I told you I was exhausted.