Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cologne and Ben Gay

A friend and I recently went to a department store to look for mens cologne. In my entire marriage (going on ten years!) I have never bought my husband cologne. In fact, I can't actually remember the last time I bought cologne or perfume. Apparently, the cologne counter is a world of its own. Talk about overwhelming. It all smells SO good. For me though, after a few minutes, everything starts to smell the same. Not so for my friend, who by the way shall remain nameless so as not to embarrass her for all eternity. My friend drifted through the displays, smelling, eyes rolled back in her head, sort of in a trance. Don't get me wrong, I like cologne as well as the next girl, but my friend was actually sighing from one yummy bottle to another. "Are you okay?" I ask, concerned. "You gotta get me outta here" she whispers to me. She explains how her husband has to work early and would not be too happy to be awakened by her "all hot and bothered" (her words) by a trip to the cologne counter. Laughing, we purchase my gift and giggle all the way home.
The next day I get a text message from my friend. "Problem solved. I got home and my husband smelled like Ben Gay. Total turn off!"

Monday, February 22, 2010

The things I've learned since becoming a SAHM

I learned SAHM means stay at home mom, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Before this journey began I was a totally different person. And I don't just mean emotionally and physically, though those particular topics could be blogs in and of themselves (read the destruction of self and bladder control all rolled into one,) I mean intellectually. I swear I used to be a smart person. I went to college. I had a job. I wore a lab coat for crying out loud! But since this new "job" started, I have slowly morphed into someone I am not sure I recognize anymore, intellectually speaking. So, I decided to come up with a list of things I have LEARNED over the last three and a half years to prove to myself that a) I still have the ability to learn, and 2) I actually HAVE learned. So here goes.
1. I've learned how to bathe, feed, change, and otherwise take care of a baby.
2. I've learned all about colic.
3. I've learned how bad it hurts to step on a lego.
4. I've learned how to make home made play-doh.
5. I've learned several Disney movies by heart.
6. I've learned if I don't shower every day, I feel like a slob.
7. I've learned that eating in the car is a big mistake.
8. I've learned that bad things can happen with a Sharpie marker. (sorry Sam)
9. I've learned how to crochet toys.
10. I've learned poison control's phone number.
11. I've learned compassion for the other mothers at the grocery store who have grumpy kids.
12. I've learned (although I rarely actually practice) doing my dishes every night makes the morning better.
13. I've learned to look for misplaced items in VERY strange places.
14. I've learned to let some of the littler things the pink slime growing in the toilet.
15. I've learned I actually do have a creative side. Mmm....beads :)

Now here is a list of things I am still TRYING to grasp.
1. I'm learning how to float instead of swim. (thanks Nan)
2. I'm learning how to remember I am, in fact, a woman and not just a mother.
3. I'm learning how to calm down.
4. I'm learning how to appreciate the little things.
5. I'm learning the words "organized, clean, and simple" don't necessarily go with the SAHM territory.

I may not be looking into a microscope every day, wearing my lab coat and talking to doctors. I may not be running complex machines, reporting important results, and talking about things like CBC's, TSH's, ANA's, and HCG's. I may not do any of that for a really long time. So long actually that I forget it all. (gasp!) But, I'll tell you, this is harder and more rewarding, and more interesting, and more challenging, and more fun than any of that.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ryan the sponge

Ryan's language skills and understanding of the world around him are growing at what seems to be an exponential rate. He is continually learning new concepts and ideas and experiencing the world around him in new and exciting ways as his knowledge of it grows. Sometimes, watching him, we are in awe and feel so blessed to be the parents of this little sponge of a miracle. Sometimes we are convicted and reminded to be always striving to be better people ourselves so that we can be good role models for him. And sometimes we just crack up laughing because what comes out of his mouth is just so darn funny.
We are in awe when, driving in the car, completely out of the blue he tells us that "God made me and you, and Daddy." We are blessed when he spontaneously begins to pray by himself. We melt when he prays for us. On the other hand, we totally crack up when he asks us (since Jesus lives in his heart) if Jesus "likes" whatever food he happens to be eating. "Maybe Jesus likes chicken?" Or when he opens his mouth as far as it will go and commands, "Mommy, talk to Jesus!" Its so fun to watch him process ideas and concepts as he learns.
Then again, sometimes its not so much learning as it is repeating without learning. Like the other night when I was talking to Jason and used a less than appropriate word in front of Ryan. Don't freak out. I said the word "pissed." Of course, immediately, Ryan squeals "pissed, pissed." Great. Nice job Tiff. Way to go on the whole role model thing.
Other times its not so immediate. He will repeat words or phrased we have used before, but its totally obvious he doesn't understand what he is saying at all. For example, the other day he was having a hard time with Sam and he yells, "Sam! You're killing my attitudes!" Huh? Earlier this evening, we were hanging out together and talking about all the nicknames we have called him. He said he didn't want to be called nicknames anymore, he just wants us to call him Ryan. I say, "Can I call you Greepy?" "No, just call me Ryan. Greepy is gross." Confused I ask, "Greepy is gross?" "Yes," he continues "Greepy is gross to my feelings." We are in hysterics over this.
I am sure as he grows there will be more of these little one liners. I am sure we will laugh a ton, probably cry a little, and hopefully learn with him along the way. I am reminded of a song that says "I wanna be just like You, cause he wants to be just like me..." And ultimately that is our goal. Help us to be just like You, because he wants to be just like us.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beach Weekend

So Jason surprised us with a trip to the beach for Valentine's Day. He found a hotel that was "dog friendly" so we could take Sam with us. It was awesome! The hotel was super nice, right on the beach, and across from Mo's, which by the way does a mean grilled salmon. With no little tourist trap shops close by to lure me in, we spent most of our four days on the beach playing, throwing the ball for Sam, looking for shells, agates, and the ever elusive "glass floats" that are supposedly hidden all around the 7+ miles of Lincoln City beaches. We never did find a float which leads me to believe they are a big hoax to get people to visit during the winter months. Okay, maybe not. It could be that I just didn't happen to luck out and find one, but the other explanation makes me feel better.
Right off the bat on our first walk with Sam down to the beach Ryan had us cracking up. Sam was so excited and ready to get out of the van, he was really pulling on the leash. Ryan yells, in his very serious, very cute sounding three year old voice, "SAM! HELL! SAM, HELL! HELL SAM!!!"
We also spent a couple of hours exploring the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport. It is very cool with lots of exhibits and a huge touch tank where you can play with "Nemo's house", aka sea anemones. I put in a couple of pictures from our aquarium visit. If I can ever figure out how to get pictures off my phone, I will add some of us on the beach too.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My air

As I was getting Ryan ready for a nap today he displayed honesty as only a child can do. We were snuggling together, having a couple of quiet moments before napping. I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. He wrinkled his nose at me and said, "Mommy, your air is stinky." Hmm. Apparently I have bad breath. Nice.