Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beach Weekend

So Jason surprised us with a trip to the beach for Valentine's Day. He found a hotel that was "dog friendly" so we could take Sam with us. It was awesome! The hotel was super nice, right on the beach, and across from Mo's, which by the way does a mean grilled salmon. With no little tourist trap shops close by to lure me in, we spent most of our four days on the beach playing, throwing the ball for Sam, looking for shells, agates, and the ever elusive "glass floats" that are supposedly hidden all around the 7+ miles of Lincoln City beaches. We never did find a float which leads me to believe they are a big hoax to get people to visit during the winter months. Okay, maybe not. It could be that I just didn't happen to luck out and find one, but the other explanation makes me feel better.
Right off the bat on our first walk with Sam down to the beach Ryan had us cracking up. Sam was so excited and ready to get out of the van, he was really pulling on the leash. Ryan yells, in his very serious, very cute sounding three year old voice, "SAM! HELL! SAM, HELL! HELL SAM!!!"
We also spent a couple of hours exploring the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport. It is very cool with lots of exhibits and a huge touch tank where you can play with "Nemo's house", aka sea anemones. I put in a couple of pictures from our aquarium visit. If I can ever figure out how to get pictures off my phone, I will add some of us on the beach too.

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