Monday, August 24, 2009

Sleeping in the tent

Last night we decided to put up the tent that Ryan's Grandpa Apple and Grandma Mo got him for his birthday. We were watching two extra kids for the evening and so we had quite the full house. We played outside in the back yard. We played in the tent. We watched movies. We had dinner. We had snacks. We screamed, we yelled, we giggled. When it was all said and done, Jason and I were exhausted. But in a good way.
Ryan was totally into the idea of "camping out" in the tent. So, we hauled it down the hall and into his bedroom. Jason lined up blankets on the floor and got his pillows in there, just so. Ryan crawled in and I got him under the covers. I crawled in next to him and we did our regular night time snuggles and kisses. We said prayers. After prayers Ryan said, as he sometimes does, "Can Daddy lay down me?" I said, "Sure Honey, Daddy can lay down with you." So Jason and I made the switch and I went off to get ready for bed. A little while later after the house was shut down, the lights were off, the dog was in bed, and I was ready to head that way myself I heard the boys talking quietly as I walked by Ryan's bedroom door. I decided to give them a bit more time and so I headed into the office to get on the computer. As often happens, I lost track of time on the computer. Email, Facebook, random news stories I don't actually care about. Suddenly a strange sound interrupted my sleepy, internet induced haze. At first I couldn't quite place it. Then it hit me. Snoring. I hadn't even heard Jason go to bed. I turned off the computer and headed to the bedroom. Jason wasn't there. He wasn't in the bathroom either. I crept down the hallway and peeked into Ryan's room. There they were, fast asleep. In the tent. Jason snoring away and Ryan snuggled up to him, both of them out like a light. I couldn't bear to wake Jason, so I crept back into my room, crawled in bed, and fell asleep to the sound of my sleeping campers down the hall.


  1. What a fun day - and fun story! As kids we LOVED to build forts out in the country. I see that kids are still kids -- and even you BIG kids are having fun! Does Sammy like the tent? It'll be fun to hear if Weedie disappears into the tent, too. It's really a tent condo... room for everyone! Thanks for posting the story on Mommy Bombeck. It made my day! Sending love from the north ~ GrammaMo :-)

  2. It is a tent condo! This makes me want to camp out inside my house (but the only tent we have is too small for someone to lie down.)