Thursday, August 27, 2009


Recently Ryan has discovered how to do zerbert things on various parts of my body. My arms, my legs, my face. This leaves me covered in zerbert slime. Lovely. Shortly after the "zerbert on body parts" realization, came the "zerbert in the air" realization. This leaves the air, the couch, the floor, and anything else in its path, sprayed in zerbert slime. Again, lovely. Let's just say the spraying is not one of my favorite things. There is a lot of "Ryan! Do not spit! It's gross!" going on in my house. The difficult part is not laughing with him, because when he gives you a zerbert his laugh is absolutely awesome! I must hear more of that laugh. I love it. Apparently, I love it enough to be constantly wiping slime off my arms! When the spit sprays, however, the love ends. I just can't deal with it. It's so grody. Enter this morning. I am sitting in the rocking chair drinking my coffee. Ryan walks over, climbs up, and snuggles in. Just as I am thinking how sweet a moment it is, he suddenly sneezes a huge sneeze and sprays sneeze spit all over my lap. Before I can say anything, he looks up at me all innocent. "It's okay, Mommy. That was just a bless you spit." He is so pleased with himself for explaining this to me. He snuggles back in and I think the moment is still sweet, even if I am covered in spit.


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  3. (sorry for the previous typo-laden deletes)
    It is sweet. I hate to bring such heavy perspective, but: Jess used to squeeze my arms when he was little and say, "I like your squishy arms, Mom." It amused but embarrassed me ("I should work out more..."). A million thousand everythings to have those moments again.
    Please cherish the spit. If only a gift for me.


  4. I must be at that age now when I'm missing the new terms. Zerbert??? (Is that a cross between a razzberry and a sneeze?) The explanation of "bless you spit" is a keeper... I'm so glad you're writing Mommy Bombeck to record these fleeting moments! :-) GrammaMo