Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Mother's Day present

Last Mother's Day Jason got me an outdoor fire pit. I hadn't asked for one so it was a total surprise. Due to the chaotic nature of late spring and early summer, the fire pit remained packed away in its box all these months. We moved and never once used it in Lacey. So this last weekend while our parents were visiting, there it was in the garage, beckoning me to set it free! Marshmallows were calling to me. Jason and his dad got some wood and marshmallows from the store. They unpacked the fire pit and within minutes we had a campfire in the back yard. I spread out a blanket and we put chairs in a circle. Some us played musical chairs as the "smoke follows beauty" rule was in full effect. We roasted marshmallows on old wire hangers. Revell make a smore with a piece of dark chocolate I found in the pantry and some of Ryans graham crackers. We, and by "we" I mean "I", ate marshmallows until we couldn't eat marshmallows anymore. We marinated ourselves in campfire smoke. Finally, we trickled one by one into the house as the night got darker and the stars got brighter. We put Ryan to bed. When it was all said and done, I went out one last time. I laid down on the blanket and looked up at the stars. With Sam lying next to me keeping me warm, I finally reconciled my twenty-something camping self with my thirty-something, non-camping self. Who needs to camp when you can have a campfire in your backyard? Not me. And I'm totally okay with that.
We did the whole thing again the next night, except with actual marshmallow roasting forks we got at the store. It is an awesome Mother's Day present. Thanks honey!


  1. I loved your post..... what a great memory you will always have..... I am not a camper at all...but the back yard, close to the shower, flat iron, computer, tv...well....maybe I could give it a try....

  2. I would definitely recommend it. It totally makes a summer evening!

  3. What fun! We have a boatload of firewood up here... we'll bring a bunch next time we're down. The sad truth is that it's intended for Bowman Bay, but we didn't get there last year AT ALL, and haven't gotten there this year YET! It's not the back yard, but it's only 15 minutes away. Maybe we'll bring our "Ocean Sounds" CD so we can have a real "beach experience" in your back yard! XOMO