Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rain coat and toothpaste

Its raining today. Ryan is running around the house with his rain coat on. With the hood up. Its very important to have the hood up, apparently. Jason went into the bathroom to finish getting ready, and made the discovery that "running around" is not all Ryan has been doing in his rain coat. I have no idea. To us, it is a mess. To a three year old boy, it is a super fun Saturday morning game.

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  1. next month on the first saturday we are going to take you with us to a home depot so ryan can build the firehouse bank...everything comes in a kit, and they have all the tools, etc., that you need...he will love was great fun today! love the toothpaste mess! and the girls were running around in their pink with white pok a dot rain coats this am today too!!