Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sometimes you really should listen to your kids

This morning as I am reading the news online, Ryan walks into the bedroom and has taken his jammy pants off. I ask him why he took his pants off, but he is too into his cars to answer. So I reach over and do the "look for poop" move by pulling his diaper back and peeking into his buns to check. No sign of poop, so I say, "Lets take off your pee pee diaper, okay?" He says, "No, Mommy!" Of course, I don't listen. He even pulls away from me a little bit, but does that sway me? No. I pull the sticky tabs off each side and fling the pee pee diaper from his little body and say in triumph, "That feels better, huh?" He responds, "Mommy! You dropped my poop on the floor!" And lo and behold, there on my bedroom carpet is a giant ball of poop. "Mommy you're so silly!" Man, I should have listened to him!

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