Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ryan one-liners

Looking up at an airplane flying in the sky..."I want to go sleep on that airplane. It's soooooo interesting!"
Pulling into the parking lot at the pizza place..."There's something screwy in this parking lot."
Looking at my armpit as I stretch my shoulders..."Oh no! What happened? There's pokies on there too!"
Replying to my request to clean up his legos..."I can't. I'm not good at it. You can Mommy, you're good at cleaning up" (big smile on his face)
Sitting on the potty..."Okay. I'm gonna tell you a story. You and me and Daddy and Sammydo and Grandpa Apple and Nanny and Baby Noah Thi and Weedie and Pumba and Daddy and me and you (whispers) are going to go up in a rocket ship in space this night."
Pointing to a zit on my chin..."Who did that to you?!"
Driving in the car..."Mommy, it was really hot in the Jurassic period."
Getting ready for a nap..."I so do love you Mommy."

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  1. Teeps! I'm finally catching up with your blog. It sure was fun to have you visit -- even if it was without The Greep. Summer is coming, though... YAY! XO GrammaMo