Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My first blog. Ever

Mo says I have a knack for telling funny family stories and that I should write them down. She calls me "Mommy Bombeck" like Erma Bombeck (sp?). Since I don't know Erma or her writing I just trust Mo when she tells me that she was super funny.

So when I found this website and saw that I could post pictures and blog stuff I thought this might be a good way to get down my Mommy Bombeck stories. Of course I don't have any off the top of my head now. Probably because my head is full of my bed calling me for a nap, so maybe another time. It is enough to say for now that, soon, the good, the bad, and the ugly will be typed for all to read. Maybe it will be theraputic. Maybe it will bore people. I don't care. I just like doing something other than dishes, laundry and diapers for a few minutes of my day.

Originally posted on webs.com on January 9, 2009

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  1. Amy Larson 5 months ago by larson@canby.com
    I'm proud of you Tiff! I have wanted to write a blog forever, and have a million little "pearls" dancing around inside my head... but I have never actually "started" one!

    Plus, NOW is the time to write down the precious Mommy Bombeck stories!! You think you will remember them forever, but you don't. My kids are big now... by next month I will have THREE teenagers!! And how I wish I had a blog (or something like it) that would remind me of all the cute (and not so cute!) things they did in an ordinary day!!

    I guess I could still start one... I mean, right now we have "teen" days, and I'm sure someday the vividness of this time period will also fade in my mind. They're just not nearly as "cute" now (pretty and handsome, but not "adorable") and the "not so cute" things that they do can be downright painful... not just messy.

    But maybe it would be therapeutic for me as well. You are inspiring me!!

    And BOY Girlfriend... you have your hands full!! But what a MUFFIN he is!!!!! Those are are AMAZING!! Just like yours, but blue! Love it!!

    I am glad to see the pictures and hear that you are doing so well! Mommyhood looks good on you!

    I miss you, my friend. Thanks for sharing your blog with me!

    Love you,